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Riding the Range

Howdy folks, just took up horse-riding – a dream for years. Well, ever since, Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster, Gregory Peck etc were storming across the prairies after outlaws while avoiding marauding Indians who always seemed to end up with the short straw! So happiness, my friends, is sitting on my 24 year old slightly overweight pony(that makes two of us) who has somehow, in the last few years managed to mislay his teeth, while I imagine I’m out there riding the range, complete with stetson, six gun and rifle with eyes furrowed from looking into the noonday sun trying to spot those injuns before they spot me. This is the life. See yo’uall there now. Of course I also wanted to be a priest in China after watching Gregory Peck – still, taht’s another story.


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Vanessa Murphy: Character Blog Hop

I’m taking part in a blog hop that I was tagged in by Mary Bradford, author of My Husband’s Sin. Thanks Mary for including me in this. I’ve just finished my first novel – a comic one set a small village in middle Ireland. My main character is Vanessa Murphy, a middle aged lesbian looking for love in a village that has no lesbian whatsoever, not even a dead one. She dreams of finding a lesbian to sip a pina colada with under the apple blossoms and determines to have one last shot at finding one – a lesbian, that is, not a pina colada! The novel Vanessa Murphy Breaks Out of the Closet, is at the moment doing the rounds of the publishers and agents so fingers crossed.

A character blog hop is a fun way for a reader to learn more about a certain character.

What is the name of your character? Is she/he fictional/historical?Maggie

My character is called Vanessa Murphy and she’s fictional although the theme of loneliness and the difficulty of finding a lesbian partner may resonate with many gays and lesbians. She lives by herself in the small village of Sugar Hill but has four great friends, (all straight naturally) who pull out all the stops in finding Vanessa a partner though more often than not with disastrous consequences for Vanessa. In between, they have to rescue the septuagenarian Peggy, one of the friends from various scrapes and endeavor to keep her out of jail while simultaneously trying to sort out Vanessa with a partner.

When and Where is the story set?

It’s set in present day Ireland in a small village in rural County Limerick though with various trips outside the village to Cork and Ennis and other places to meet her internet dates and such like.

What should we know about your character?

Well, she’s very scattered and impulsive. She’s also heroic in her efforts to make her dream of finding a lesbian to sip a pina colada with under the apple blossoms come true. Her worst nightmare is never finding anyone to share the pina -colada with and she’ll shuffle off this mortal coil’ without ever having a chance to love and be loved.

What is your character’s goal?

To find a lesbian with a sense of humour to share her life with – oh, and to keep Peggy,her elderly friend out of jail and off the national airwaves.

What is screwing up your character’s life?

The lack of lesbians in the back of beyond in County Limerick

What is the title?

Vanessa Murphy Breaks Out of the Closet.

I hope some publisher will snap up Vanessa – I’d hate to have her break out of the closet and go through all that travail for nothing. In the meantime, this character blog hop will be continued next Monday by writer Daniel Kaye who has his first novel, I, Vladimir, accepted for publication and is currently completing his second.

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