What’s with the Fur Collars?

Well, honestly, shopping for clothes seems to get more difficult every day. Just went to buy a coat  and failed miserably to find one. I mean, all the clothes seemed to have shrunk a size. I tried on numerous coats all sized 12, my size –  and none fitted, as in not even one! Some I couldn’t button, others when I tried to stretch myself,there was an ominous tearing sound from the back so I had to wriggle out of them pretty rapidly while the sales assistant was looking the other way! I mean, could someone tell me why they’re making clothes smaller? Are people getting smaller or something?Could anyone out there enlighten me. And what’s with the fur collars on all jackets? I mean, fur collars, for feck’s sake! I tried two on and I nearly smothered while wearing the first one and couldn’t stop sneezing when I shrugged into the second. Surely life is too short for these shenanigans?


PS: Would you believe when I complained, the sales assistant had the cheek to suggest, after looking at me rather dubiously up and down, that maybe I’d find a size 16 more comfortable? Even the sales assistants aren’t what they used to be.Jeez!! And worse, I still haven’t got the fecking coat!


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