Peggy and Lourda Have a Falling Out.

Well, you could see it coming a mile away. Peggy and Lourda have been as thick as thieves for the last couple of months so we were all waiting for the inevitable falling out. Sure enough yesterday, they had an almighty disagreement so that now neither of them is talking to the other. I saw Lourda below in Gilhooley’s Mace this morning and she looked simply poisonous. Then again, I’ve always thought Lourda looked poisonous and fairly ridiculous with that head of badly dyed hair and the la di da accent. She didn’t even salute me, thinks me in Peggy’s camp, you see.

I didn’t even dare mention Lourda’s name to Peggy, she was that incensed. To be honest, Bridie and Dolores and myself were mad curious to find out what happened to the pair of them. But seeing that Peggy wouldn’t even allow Lourda’s name to pass our lips inside in her house, we had to rely on picking up the story from someone in the village. Sure enough, when Bridie was inside in the Post Office this morning, she heard it all.

Would you credit it, they fell out over religion. Both of them are Eucharist Ministers and Fr. O Mahony asked Peggy to serve at the wedding mass of Sheila Burns and Seamus Crowley next week. Lourda is fit to be tied because she wasn’t asked and according to her, it’s her turn for a wedding. So Lourda attacks Peggy because she thinks it’s too well in with Fr. O Mahony she is and that’s how she got the wedding gig. Peggy is only fuming because Lourda more or less straight out accused her of using her influence with the priest to have Lourda overlooked. I mean, could you believe it in this day and age? Fr. O Mahony is like a rabbit trapped in the headlights of a car, so he is, between the pair of them. But he was a foolish man ever to get entangled with either of them, so he was. I mean, each one on her own is bad enough but together, they’re just like steam-rollers.

According to village gossip, the two of them run the church and Fr. O Mahony between them. I’d say now that Lourda is even bould enough to say Mass if she got half a chance. That woman’s neck is thick enough to support two heads so it is. Anyway, apparently Fr. O Mahony is dithering about who gets the gig at the wedding and his decision depends on which of them he was talking to last. The man is craven but in fairness, trying to cope with two obstinate and bould women would try Pope Francis himself. Anyway, my money is on Peggy. The woman is full of brains – artful and subtle, that’s our Peggy. Lourda is too obvious, too in your face and that accent would drive you to murder. No, it’s brains and subtlety is going to carry the day in this one, you mark my words.


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