Peggy is Confused

Day 4 (or is it 5? My God, does time go this slowly all the time when there’s an election on?)

Does anyone know the reason for RTE 6 One news insistence on keeping Sharon Ni Bheoláin outdoors while conducting interviews with our politicians, both current and aspiring? Peggy says she can’t watch any of the features because the girleen is shivering with the cauld most of the time. She says she feels guilty sitting beside her roaring coal fire while she’s watching her. Why they can’t have them indoors in a nice studio is beyond her, she says throwing her hands up in the air in bewilderment. It’s the girl she feels sorry for, she goes on to say, because the politicians’ skins are so thick that nothing at all will go through it. ‘Which wan of them politicians is worth getting double pneumonia for?,’ she says with a contemptuous sniff. (I wish she’d use her handkerchief. For a woman who’s so particular about germs, she’s very casual sometimes about her own habits)

I try to persuade her that not all politicians are like that and in fairness, politics is a thankless job- in vain! She looks at me and if looks could kill, I’d be lying prostrate on her kitchen floor. She gets up and sweeps by me as if I’m something contagious.

And do you know, I could swear I heard her mutter ‘simpleton’ as she slammed her kitchen door shut behind her!


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