Shakespeare’s Words in Everyday Use.

‘A Plague on both your Houses’ – Shakespeare in Everyday Use.

Many people have had their schooldays enriched by studying one of Shakespeare’s plays, particularly the more popular ones like Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice for example but even those who felt their lives blighted by the works of the bard, still use phrases and words coined by Shakespeare over 400 hundred years ago. Finding the language of the time inadequate to express his thoughts and emotions he coined new word and phrases, over 3000 of them, many of which have passed into common usage today. So when you find yourself saying any of the following, you can thank Shakespeare for coming up with them. Have you ever been more sinned against than sinning, found that something was Greek to me, asking someone if ‘you have a tongue in your head. Have you ever sent someone packing while muttering good riddance under your breath or threw someone out bag and baggage? If you were ever a laughing stock, gave the devil his due, seen better days, then you’re quoting Shakespeare! (Courtesy of Shakespeare’s Globe)

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