Our First Car

Ford Anglia 105E AS frontThe fact that Ford is celebrating its hundred years in Cork this year brings back memories of our first car. It was a sleek grey, Ford Anglia. I remember the gleaming seats and the intoxicating scent of newly polished leather. I also remember my brother nearly slamming the car door on my Grandfather’s fingers which he snatched out of the way just in time and my mother whipping my brother out of the car and giving him a clout across the ear for being so careless! I even recall the number plate: MIF 981. The excitement I felt when we purchased our first car has never been replicated! Those were the days when they manufactured real cars – even if you needed a private oil well to keep them going!



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2 responses to “Our First Car

  1. Not sure if the Ford Anglia was my fathers first car, i think he had the Morris Minor first. But my memory of the bright blue Ford Anglia my father had was, it would never start. Of course the one time I tried it, i think I was about 10 or 11 years old at the time, the car started while in gear and smashed off the wall. I think I blacked out the consequence of my actions as i have no recollections of it. Anyway many years later when I had my own first mini car, my mother borrowed it with out telling me and smashed in the wing of it. I was working nights at the time so had no knowledge of all this as I was in the land of nod at the time. She proceeded to get it repaired before I had to use it again so I think it was another 10 or 15 years later I found out that it was ever damaged. I do remember the lights were a bit cocked eyed alright that night when I was going to work but never make the connection. She always maintained it was tit for tat as I had done the same to theirs many years before. She gets a kick out of the fact that I never realised she had damaged mine.

  2. Bright blue sounds very snazzy, I got another comment on fb and they said they had a purple one, which was pretty classy as well. Your mother is reminding me more and more of Peggy, by the way – who I’ll be getting back to as soon as I get holidays😁

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