Storming the Castle.

Bunratty CastleBunratty Folk ParkBunratty Folk ParkCottage in Folk Park

Today was the First Year Coláiste Treasa School Tour which took in Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, some bowling before stopping for a while at the Crescent Shopping Centre for a spot of shopping. The students were full of good humour,even at 9am, unlike some staff members who needed a cup of coffee before launching themselves into a day of glorious sunshine. As usual, it was a pleasure to accompany them. Everyone was so well behaved in fact, that disappointingly, there was no need to use the murder hole or lock anyone up in the awful dungeons, where long ago prisoners were incarcerated and left to die. We did think about throwing Maggie in but resisted the temptation! She’s too valuable, as I need her every time I have to use any technology for classes.

Students found it almost impossible to believe that people actually lived in some of the cottages they saw. They were appalled particularly when they learned that cattle slept in the house with the people because they were so valuable and of course, the cows also provided heat. They were all very glad that they didn’t live back then. The buses arrived back at school with everyone tired and shopped out,  in good time for supper.

Above are some images from the Folk Park.



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2 responses to “Storming the Castle.

  1. Great to hear the students behaved themselves and a great time was had by all. Many of the interviews we do here at Lyreacrompane are with people, from the Sliabh Luachra area, who grew up with animals in their homes especially the pigs when they have the baby pigs or banbhs as they were called then. The pigs were a valuable asset for the family so protecting the pigs was a priority in case the mother pig, the sow would accidentally roll on the banbhs and kill them. Often even the baby calves were brought into the house if they were weak and needed care. Memories like these are invaluable and worth saving so they can be used as research for students like yours, who grew up without this knowledge. Sliabh Luchra folklore have over a hundred of these interviews: Another invaluable source of research Is Cork folklore also have a pretty cool folklore map:

  2. Thank you for that. Will certainly look up web sites. You do great work in preserving memories that otherwise would be lost to us.

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