Tha Adventure. Part 2. A reassurance for all concerned friends.

We have SurvivedšŸ¤—

Post cycle.

IMG_0253Three miles, my eye! we arrived back after a FIVE mile cycle, (Nora lied) fit for the priest. To make it worse, I must have read the google map thing in reverse because the whole bloody trip was UPHILL. In fact, there were hills where I never remember hills being before. I wonder could that have something to do with global warming maybe. Whatever, I was nearly dead by the time I came home. I only made it up the last hill because half the neighbours were sitting out in their gardens and I couldn’t make a show of myself in front of the whole road by falling off the bike and collapsing into the ditch. It was sheer will power that kept me in that saddle I can tell you.
Nora and myself were joined by my godson, Eoin, who is staying with me for a few days while he studies for the Junior Cert next week. He must have taken some of my dog’s steroids because he fairly glided up those hills. Oh, in case his mother is reading this, all three of us decided that a practical geography trip by bike is worth more than three hours cramming from notes and books. Nora and I are very responsible adults and take our role in loco parentis very seriously. Moreover, Eoin is full of appreciation for us. He actually said that he never before met responsible adults like us. So there, all the begrudgers.




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2 responses to “Tha Adventure. Part 2. A reassurance for all concerned friends.

  1. Mart Brosnan

    As mother of your beloved godson l think the word ‘loco’ is apt. Delighted he is getting good fresh air and exercise. Looking forward to your next blog.

  2. Thank you. Mary. šŸ˜ By the way, where did the word Mart come from?

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