The Adventure Begins…

And so it begins… a summer of activity with the first cycle of the season scheduled for 3.15. A mere twenty five minutes to psychologically prepare and regret all the stodge I’ve eaten since September, while simultaneously using google maps to find a totally level cycling route for what Nora, my cycling partner, optimistically refers to (with a completely straight face)as a short three mile trip to get us into the swing of things. Just hope we’re not going to find ourselves swinging into A&E like SHE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS had to do after falling off her bike on Sunday. Well, to be fair, it wasn’t really the NAMELESS ONE’S fault, the fecking footpath was far too high in the first place to be doing any of her stunts on.IMG_0252



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5 responses to “The Adventure Begins…

  1. Can’t wait to see the new and improved you, πŸ™‚

  2. Well done, but word of advice: looking at that saddle i would recommend getting a gel cover for it. My ex got a loan of my bike one time and i swapped my lovely gel saddle for the original skinny one before i gave it to him. Lets say he lived to regret it. I hope the great southern trail will be finished soon, will be over 80 kilometres in length, as the roads are not safe to travel on. Another cyclist lost their life the other day near Killarney so be careful and wear a high vis jacket. Happy adventures..

  3. Oh Loreto, I should have had that advice before I set off. You are so right. A shopping trip is in order before next excursion!

  4. You’re so right about the roads. By and large, they’re very dangerous. We try and keep to the lesser known ones. Diarmuid cycles to work often in Dublin, on those city bikes and I’m always terrified. That should be really good, the Great Southern Trail. Nora, myself and She Who Shall Remain Nameless had planned to do part of the Dungarvan to Waterford greenway, it just opened recently. (Diarmuid and Paul doing it at weekend) but She Who Shall Remain Nameless fell off bike when she tried to mount footpath at an angle and fractured her wrist in two places. In cast now for six weeks and can’t drive, never mind cycle.

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