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Invisible Louts

Walking today through a lovely forestry area I only found out about a few weeks back was so pleasant. It’s peaceful, the air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful and it’s a very remote spot. And there’s the rub! A…

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Sophie Embarrasses Me!

As you know, Sophie spent the first eight years of her life as a breeding dog in one of those horrific puppy farms. Corralled in a crate, where she hadn’t even room to develop properly, she gave birth to litter…

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Sophie – The Drama Queen

Sophie is such a drama queen. Her latest trick nearly finished me off altogether. The other night or rather the early hours of the morning, it was just after 4.24 am and I had finally managed to fall asleep. But…

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I’ve been interested in story-telling and writing as far back as I can remember. I was so fortunate to have three marvellous weavers of tales in my life – my maternal grandfather, my mother and my mother’s sister, my aunt. Read more

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